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Apr 17, 2012 2:11 AM

Crime Trackers: Cold Case, Calvin Lane Murder

TUCSON - An unsolved murder case dating back over four decades is getting another look.

It's a cold case where the victim wasn't identified for 9 years.

Calvin Lane's remains were found near Ryan field by a man walking his dog. But on March 23, 1969 the 20-year-old man was known as "John Doe".

Pima County Sheriff's homicide detectives are taking another look at the case. The medical examiner's report says "A white male that suffered cuts and tears to his neck area."

Det. Dabb claims the victim was buried, his remains were dug up by animals. "Because we were unable to identify him at that point and time he was buried in the Pima County indigent grave."

Four months later grave robbers dug up his grave. Two boys came upon the gruesome discovery at Miracle Mile and Fairview. "There were no suspicious circumstances to say the grave robbery had anything to do with the homicide."

Fast forward 9 years later, the victim's father Charles Lane was working at a local mortuary when he came across the John Doe file.

Keep in mind he had reported his son missing in February of 1969. Det. Dabb says, "It was later determined through the analysis of hair samples due to fact they didn't have DNA at that time that the John Doe he had located in the county's indigent cemetery was in fact his son."

The father told detectives back in 1978 he believed the restaurant where his son worked, was a front for drugs and his son witnessed something that got him killed.

Det. Dabb says, "All the people who worked at the restaurant where Calvin worked up and disappeared."

The restaurant was called Ham "n" Egger it was located in the Hacienda motel.

In several published news articles Calvin Lane's father said he hoped to find his son's killer before he died. Mr. Lane passed away. But detectives say they will keep on searching.

In 2005, a man claimed he had killed someone in Tucson, Cold Case detectives traveled out of state to talk with him. It wasn't Calvin Lane killer. If you have information you are urged to contact 88-CRIME.


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