Jan 2, 2014 6:33 PM by Erika Flores

County works on plan to reduce number of speed cameras

TUCSON - Pima County is working on a plan to reduce the number of speeding cameras.

The county's camera contract is up this month, and officials are deciding whether to cut the program.

They are working on a plan to take down several of the 11 existing cameras while adding cameras in school zones.

Some drivers appreciate the cameras.
"There just there to protect the road, I guess, to catch anybody that's speeding," said Anthony.

While others do not think they are needed.

"I think they're just a waste of time and money," said Chris Greenberg.

Greenberg said they don't work the way they should.

"Everyone just slows down and speeds right back up as soon as they get by them," said Greenberg.

"That frustrates us. How do we get people to drive slower? Safety is number one," said Priscilla Cornelio, the director of transportation for Pima County.

Greenberg said, "I think they should just take them down."

Cornelio tells News 4 Tucson that throughout the years, these cameras have become less effective.

"So we want to consider a new type of program," said Cornelio.

Cornelio said there are some effective stationary cameras along La Cholla Blvd and Nogales Hwy.

"When you have two of them together it looks like it's more effective," said Cornelio."We would perhaps want to keep those locations and then have some mobile vans to supplement it."

Those mobile vans would be stationed mostly at school zones and neighborhoods that have speeding problems.

The county is talking to their camera provider, American Traffic Solutions, to see if the plan is possible.

In two to three weeks, the county hopes to have a plan to be considered by the board of supervisors.

The county's contract with American Traffic Solutions expires by January 6.

These cameras could go dark by then, meaning no more speeding tickets by these cameras until they decide on a plan.


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