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Jul 28, 2012 2:45 AM

Convicted child molester extradicted from Germany

TUCSON - A convicted child molester who went on the lamb over a decade ago is now back in Pima County. Frank Karl Hertel was on pretrial release when he fled the country. Investigators say he left with his wife and son to Germany.

He was arrested last October, and Friday night he was back on U.S. soil.

News 4 Tucson asked him, "Did you think you could be a fugitive forever?" His response, " No comment."

Under tight security, the U.S. Marshals brought Hertel from Germany. He was turned over to Pima County Sheriff's Sgt. Gerard Moretz, the investigator who worked the case 12 years ago as a new detective.

"This person was tried in a Pima County court he was found guilty there was compelling evidence in this case and I'm very happy for the victim that finally he's here to face justice."

Hertel was tried in absentia and found guilty of sexual conduct with a minor. Sgt. Moretz says he never gave up because of what Hertel had done to the victim. "The story that was told was very compelling, and then after encountering the suspect Frank Hertel and getting a confession from him I was more determined than ever that this should be seen all the way."

Hertel was asked, "What do you have to say to the victim?" His response " No comment."

Sgt. Moretz has kept in contact with the victim throughout the 12 years Hertel has been on the run, he says "The victim has provided at times valuable tips and leads that the U S Marshals service has been able to follow up on and develop this case further."

The 50-year-old convicted child molester is also facing charges for strong arm rape in Ohio for allegedly having sexual contact with a minor on several occasions.


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