Jul 24, 2013 8:27 PM by Sean Mooney

Con man's last scheme finally costs him

TUCSON - A career criminal who operated a bogus internet business out of Tucson has now been sentenced for swindling 1,685 people out of millions of dollars.

Anthony Mark Boscarino's criminal history documents the life of a con man. His scams include cheating gullible investors out of millions of dollars over 25 years.

But Boscarino's last scheme, a sports handicapping internet business, is the scam that finally cost him.

Boscarino was originally charged with 88-counts but a plea deal allowed him to plead guilty to 43 crimes including fraud, money laundering and tax evasion.

Most of the charges were related to an on-line sports betting site that operated under several names including Mike's Sports Lock, a site he allegedly ran out of a home on the northwest side of Tucson.

Boscarino solicited potential sports betters through email, offering reduced membership and "lock games" and "super lock games". The site claimed to have a 74% win rate.

But if any of Boscarino's clients won, they still lost.

In the government's guidelines for sentencing document, officials described how "only a small percentage" of the $7,782,628 he swindled from his victims was ever returned.

The document also mentions he gambled "most of the money away in Las Vegas."

Boscarino was sentenced to 135 months, nearly eleven and a half years, in prison. He is also required to pay $6.5 million in restitution to the 1685 victims he stole from.


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