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Oct 11, 2012 10:06 PM by Erika Flores

Community reacts to border shooting

NOGALES - A Border Patrol agent opened fire on a group of Mexican nationals hitting one of them.

It comes just days after a deadly shooting involving three Border Patrol agents.

It happened in Nogales Wednesday night around 11:30 p.m. when agents responded to reports of drug smugglers near West International Street and Hereford Drive.

Officials said suspects were throwing rocks at the agents.

The area was taped off last night after the incident.

Residents said they didn't see it happen because they were too scared to even look this way when they heard the commotion.

"Ba ba ba ba ba and then it stopped and then again," said a man who lives in the area we'll call "Enrique." "Four times four consecutive times they shot at him at least four times each time they shot."

"Enrique" asked us to conceal his identity because he fears his safety.

"The whole street here and over there was full of police," he said. "The border patrol had told us that they had killed somebody there."

Nogales police said two men had crossed into this neighborhood, dropped bundles of marijuana and then were caught dangling from the fence trying to get back to Mexico.

A Mexican reporter told News 4 a witness saw what happened next on the Mexican side.

He said Border Patrol told them to get down but instead four other men ran out as threw rocks at agents to help the two get away.

That's when agents fired shots at them killing one.

Some living in the area sympathize with the victim.

"You can't compare the power of a shot to the power of a rock. It's not the same," said Karla Valdez, who lives in the area.

Others sympathize with Border Patrol.

"They are doing their job and if they feel their life is threatened, they'll react," said a man we'll call "Sebastian" who heard the shots.

We reached out to border patrol and the FBI for comment but they tell us they can't comment until the investigation is over.


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