Oct 24, 2013 12:15 AM by Samantha Ptashkin

Community members try to put a stop to bullying in the workplace

TUCSON- We often hear about kids bullying each other at school, or online, but what about adults bullying their co-workers at the office?

Wednesday night the Fund for Civility Respect and Understanding, hosted a seminar at PCC's downtown campus, to address workplace bullying.

Professional Mediator Margaret Dykinga helped facilitate the event. She cited studies which say 80% of workplace bullies are the bosses. From that percentage half of the bosses are men, while half are women. Dykinga also tells News 4 Tucson that 80% of the targets are women.

"What we see sometimes are bosses who are intimidating, who are mean, who yell, who put employees down and those are the kind of behaviors that really do impact productivity and morale," Dykinga says.

"Sometimes even in work places you have cliques and when you have cliques, if you're not in that particular group, you may not have a complete understanding and people feel like they're outside of the group," says Estella Searcy, who works in human resources.

The seminar was the last in a series of bullying seminars during National Bullying Prevention Month.

Participants shared personal stories to help figure out ways to detect and prevent more bullying in the workplace. The group plans to hold another seminar in April to roll out a plan of action for the community.


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