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Jul 20, 2012 9:52 PM

Colorado shooting brings changes for theater security

TUCSON - The mass shooting in Colorado has movie theaters taking another look at their security procedures and some are making changes.

The head of Cinemark, the parent company to the theater where the shooting happened, was quick to discuss the tragedy and just as quick to defend its staff.

President and CEO Tim Warner said, "The person was well organized, had an assault weapon that probably would have over powered any security that we would have had. He was obviously a very deranged gunman that had access to very high powerful weapons."

AMC didn't they take the defensive, it went on offense. In a statement it said "It's deeply saddened by the Aurora tragedy. Movie going is part of our social fabric and this senseless act shakes us to our core. We're reinforcing our security procedures with our theatre teams, which we cannot discuss in detail for obvious, safety reasons."

But local movie goers have no problem discussing it and many have a very different take on it.

Sunshine Mendoza said, "They said it wasn't related to the movie so it was something personal going on with the shooter so I don't think it's going to happen here."

Jayla Marquez said, "I don't have any concerns really."

But another Tucson resident said, "You never know where it could happen. It could happen here, or Colorado of course. I think people need to be more prepared at movie theaters."

But one thing they all agreed on is a little extra security wouldn't hurt.

Mendoza said, "If stuff like that can happen, I think they need to look into getting security like that."

And some said even it means going through the dreaded bag checks.

AMC Theaters also made the change to not allow movie goers to dress up in costumes.


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