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Nov 27, 2012 7:23 PM by Lorraine Rivera

City reputation problematic in hiring

TUCSON - The vice president of a company that is expanding in Tucson told the mayor and council last week that his company has a hard time filling job vacancies in Tucson.

Doug Rasmussen the vice president and general manager of B/E Aerospace said, "we struggle finding engineers; in getting and recruiting engineers to this community." Rasmussen explained his reason, "cause the type of engineering talent we need to support our business is not readily available in the local community."

The company is teaming up with the city for a primary job incentives program. The $2.5 billion international company is a worldwide leader in manufacturing aircraft interior cabinet products and is a leading global distributor of aerospace fasteners. The program will help create 265 jobs, 230 of which will pay at least $60,000 in yearly salary.

Council members asked Rasmussen what they city could do to help lure employees, "education is a huge issue. People look at statistics, they go online and see low rated schools and that's a big problem for us."

Mike Varney the president and CEO of the Tucson Chamber of Commerce said they are aware of the problems, "we've not done a good job of sending the best possible pr message about our school system especially for TUSD."

According to Varney it's a work in progress and the chamber has an education committee, "graduates don't have the schools that enable them to immediately slide into their chosen profession and we want to do everything we can to make sure that the alignment is there but that's just one of the things that we do."


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