May 8, 2012 8:37 PM

City evaluates plan to fix roads

TUCSON - The Tucson City Council is planning to host a public hearing sometime in the next 30 days over monies spent to fix potholes.

Kelly Gottschalk, the assistant city manager who handles finance support services, said the city is fully aware of the problem potholes create for drivers. Before Tuesday's council meeting Gottschalk explained, "The city, like most places, have relied on HURF funding which is a revenue source that comes from gas taxes. And as fuel efficient vehicles have become more popular what you pay on a flat amount of a gallon of gas is less because people are buying less gas although they're driving on the roads more and more."

Members of the city's transportation department proposed short and long term plans for council members, but the most viable option surrounded a $20 million fix. Councilwoman Regina Romero said, "for any bond election four this year it should be focused on roads. That's what the community has been really crying out for in terms of investments."


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