Jan 11, 2012 3:31 PM

City collecting Brush and Bulky trash twice this year

TUCSON - The City of Tucson has released a 2012 schedule for collection of brush and bulky trash - waste management workers will collect large items and green waste from various areas two times this year.

Crews will visit each of Tucson's 26 residential trash zones (map) twice in 2012 for Brush and Bulky collection. You can now enter your address here to see which trash zone you are in, and which dates have been slated for your Brush and Bulky collection.

Brush and Bulky service will collect the following items:

• Brush, tree trunks, branches and other green waste (up to 5 feet long and 24 inches in diameter)
• Lumber (up to 5 feet long and stacked in a separate pile, no remodel materials or old fence)
• PVC and metal pipes (up to 5 feet long)
• Railroad ties (limit 5)
• Furniture, carpet, and doors
• Lawn mowers with fuel tank and crank case removed
• Scrap metal (bicycles, swing sets, etc., broken into 5 foot lengths)
• Cacti (must be boxed - up to 25 lbs. per box)
• Appliances (remove freezer/refrigerator doors)
• Car tires (limit of five automobile tires)
• Metal drums (empty and cut in half)

The following items will NOT be collected:

• Any excess over the 10 cubic-yard limit
• Any items other than those listed above, such as
• Stone/bricks/concrete/aggregates
• Flooring/roofing/insulation/sheetrock
• Construction debris
• Wire fencing
• Hazardous waste like paint/oil/pesticides/solvents/liquids
• Glass/mirrors
• Television and computer monitors
• Compressed gas/air cylinder(s)
• Vehicle parts
• Commercially generated material

Do not leave items for collection outside until weeks before your scheduled date, city officials state. You can take unaccepted items to the Los Reales Landfill.

For more information on Brush and Bulky pickup, click here.


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