Oct 28, 2012 1:57 AM by Rebecca Taylor

Childhood TV commercial starring Mila Kunis in Tucson

TUCSON - The internet is buzzing with the Mila Kunis lost TV spot.

Clips of the actress, as a child in a Lisa Frank sticker commercial.

Speculation of her age at the time of filming can now be verified. The shoot took place in Tucson.

News 4 Tucson's Rebecca Taylor was given access to new vintage footage of Kunis.

"I'll never forget the day I got stuck on Lisa Frank. The stickers were so cool, the colors were awesome," said Kunis in a 1996 commercial.

Carlos Terrazas had the buried video treasure in his archive all along. But no idea it's star power.

"Let me pull up the original footage here," he says, "they flew these three girls in. Lisa Frank was here, and she auditioned them right on the spot."

The talent included Kunis. Terrazas remembers his production studio being transformed.

"What we did was three different sets. So we could shoot the thing quickly all in one day because the talent came from LA and couldn't spend the night."

Little did he know, Kunis hugging a teddy bear, would later star with an computer-animated bear in the movie Ted, and would named Esquire's sexiest woman alive.

Terrazas says as a kid, Kunis didn't stand out. "I would have picked one of the other girls hands down," he says. "She did have really good energy, I will say that."

That energy was captured when Kunis was 12 years old. Terrazas has the original slate to prove it.

"If you see it on the internet everyone is saying 1993, but there it is big as day, May of 1996."

The headquarters for Lisa Frank is still based in Tucson.


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