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Jun 14, 2012 7:46 PM

Child care expert previews the hot pool toys this summer

TUCSON - The hotter it gets, the harder it gets to keep kids entertained, outside.

Today on News 4 Tucson at 4 p.m., child care expert and co-owner of Trusting Connections Nanny Agency, Rosalind Prather, stopped by with some fun outdoor toys that will keep the whole family cool.

All the products on today's show help keep youngsters mentally sharp and physically fit. Rosalind says she always tries to encourage parents and caregivers to keep kids active, rather than sitting them in front of the TV. says that kids are spending often up to seven hours a day on media diversions - it is up to parents to get kids unplugged and outside.

The HABA Sun Bistro toys are safe and enjoyable for kids of all ages but especially toddlers. If you aren't heading to a beach any time soon, these products would make a great addition to your backyard sandbox.

Prime Time Toys has a great lineup of award-winning backyard, pool, park and beach toys. Rosalind would recommend either of the products seen on today's show for children 5 or 6 years and older. The Target Shot HydroBlaster shoots water up to 35 feet. You blast your target to sink it. The Big Jump Launcher lets you simply remove the cap on the launch cylinder, and with the flick of a wrist, let it rip. Watch the skydiver float to the ground with a real parachute made with straps that never tangle.

Finally, the 7 Piece Pool Party Pack includes Jai Alai set, Giant Splash Football, Splash Football and a Splash Bomb. These are all great family games, Rosalind says. The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests that unstructured play is an exceptional way to increase physical activity levels in children which is one important strategy in the resolution of the obesity epidemic. Plus, simple play is a cherished part of childhood.


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