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Apr 25, 2012 11:00 AM

Chief Roberto Villasenor: 'We still have hope'

TUCSON - Determination to find Isabel Celis is strong.

It's day five of the search for the missing six year old, and at a press conference this morning Tucson Police Chief, Roberto Villasenor said his department is hopeful that they will find Isabel alive and bring her home.

Villasenor says TPD and FBI are working closely together and looking at all possibilities. Another search of the home was done last night with members of the FBI Behavioral Analysis Unit.

The house is still under the control of Tucson Police and isn't likely to be returned until later this morning or early afternoon. The street to the house also remains closed.

It was also announced that the landfill search is complete at this time but police will be searching drainage areas and washes throughout the city.

Responding to questions from the media, Chief Villasenor addressed the open window in Isabel's bedroom saying, "We've never said the window was the point of entry."

Right now the Celis family, including the couple's two sons, is all together and everyone remains hopeful for the return of Isabel.

The next press conference is at noon, and we will bring it to you on News 4 at Noon.

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