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Jul 28, 2012 2:18 AM

Celis family united and speaking out

TUCSON - The search for Isabel Celis is now nearing 100 days and the prayers and support are still coming in.

Friday her parents appeared together and spoke out for the first time in weeks at prayer vigil on the eastside.

Volunteer Mike Hall said, "Things happen and I think people think wow that's terrible and it just fades off. I think this is an issue we need to continue to keep in our hearts."

It was the prayer vigil that brought everyone out, including the media, but the most interesting part was easily the public appearance of the entire family and the comments made afterwards.

If you remember Sergio Celis was banned by CPS from seeing his kids, but Friday they were all together so of course we asked them about it, but they wouldn't comment.

Beyond that we also asked the family about the recent hoax call that Isabel had been found.

Becky Celis said, "I feel sad for the community. It hurt us but the community as well to think and have that false hope."

Upsetting, but surprisingly she said they weren't angry.

Becky Celis said, "I can't be mad at that. They're kids. They're kids. What can we do?"

There was a good turnout for the vigil. There is still a lot of support for the Celis family and the continued search.

However, there are still a lot of questions; new questions about the status of the Child Protective Service's ruling that Sergio can't see his kids.

Obviously something has changed, but the Celis family is not commenting on that and CPS has refused to comment multiple times.

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