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Sep 24, 2012 11:39 PM by Lupita Murillo

Celis family says faith keeps them going

TUCSON - Five months since she disappeared from her family's eastside home, there is still no sign of Isabel Celis.

The manhunt for the then 6-year-old has scaled back but a team of investigators is devoted to her case full time.

Prayers,faith in God, and community support is keeping the Celis family going. They gave News 4 a tour of little Isa's redecorated room. Her father Sergio says, "She wanted a purple room, not very dark but I want a purple room."

Her mother Becky says, "She came home and said I want pink and purple polka dots Mom."

Isa's brother is placing the new dresser in his little sister's room. The new bed is filled with religious icons, stuffed animals, and cards. All for the day when Isa returns.

Her father says "I can't wait for her to see it and if she happens to see it on the news, just for her to know what we've done for her that we haven't forgotten her that we're waiting for her."

Her mother added "I know that she's gonna just lose it for that little second and that's what I want to see her face."

It's that vision that's carryied them through these challenging months of not knowing why she's missing.

"It's just one big emotion of sadness, frustration and anger," Becky said. "I know she's out there somewhere. I know it, I know it, I know it. We just have to find her. That's my mother instinct."

Every night the entire Celis family prays the rosary to the Virgin Mary. A gift from their parish priest Father Miguel, and Bishop Gerald Kicanas.

"They said that we can hold onto her until Isabel came home and so we have her there and have a candle burning usually and we have Isa's picture there."

"There isn't a doubt in my mind or in my heart or in my boys' hearts that she is alive and that she will come home, absolutely."

Tucson police tell News 4 there is nothing they can share with the public at this time.

But Isa's family continues to ask for the public's help with information and prayers.


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