May 25, 2012 11:25 PM

Celis documents reveal new information

TUCSON - There have been countless searches, hundreds of volunteer hours, and more than 1500 tips, but 6-year-old Isabel Celis is still missing from her eastside home.

Tucson Police released some 500 pages of investigative documents related to the case. We read everything from phone tips and searches, to conversations with family members.

One report from April 28th shows police responded to the Celis neighborhood regarding a suspicious vehicle. It was described in the report as "a fairly new large dark grey van with a flat back." The windows had dark tint and the driver was a Hispanic male in his late thirties with dark curly hair.

Some documents also showed the crime scene unit took photos of the Celis home.

A reporting officer wrote, "I took general views of the interior and exterior, I also took views of handwriting on the wall, doorjamb, and inside wall of the closet of the southeast bedroom."

In addition, one report noted officers found "some potential evidence in a wash, a bed sheet and a bed skirt."

Phone tips from all over the country also came into 911.

Someone from Austin, Texas claimed the victim was taken by a satanic cult.

In Berlin, Connecticut, a psychic said he had the feeling the victim knew her abductor. A man from Florida called to say his granddaughter was kidnapped in a similar fashion, and the man arrested was part of a child porn ring.

Tucson Police have also been helped by U.S. Marshalls, FBI, and the Pima County Sheriff's Department.

Police Chief Robert Villaseñor said the investigation has cost more than a million dollars so far.

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