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Apr 13, 2010 8:48 PM

Cattle growers come up with plan to secure border

PHOENIX - Southern Arizona ranchers say they've had enough, so they took their "beef" to the state capitol to rally support for more border security following the murder of a Dougals area rancher.

Rob Krentz was shot to death 3-weeks ago. We're told, he was checking water wells on his Cochise county ranch at the time. Deputies traced footprints to the Mexico border, but have not located a suspect.

Now, ranchers are trying to help others, with securing the border.

Don Kimble a rancher from Southeastern Arizona says "We've lost control of the border; it's not a safe situation down there anymore."

Ranchers dusted off their boots and gathered at the state capitol to deliver a message to lawmakers about securing the border.

"If they seal that border at the border there won't be anybody coming up 25 miles to steal at my house or steal my hired hands truck or kill Rob Krentz."

Kimble was a lifelong friend of Rob Krentz who was murdered last month.

At a news conference, the Arizona Cattle Growers' Association came up with a plan to secure the border.

Patrick Bray says "We must put the necessary manpower on the border to stop the foreign invasion."

State Senator Russell Pearce agrees. "What we don't want to tolerate anymore is you're coming across the border, threatening our families, destroying our property and invading our country. It's illegal it's immoral and not going to be tolerated."

The 18-point plan the Arizona Cattle Growers Association came up with the ranchers say they'll do everything they can to get it implemented.

Among the suggestions in the plan? Equip the border patrol, and county law enforcement with GPS radios.

To read the plan, in its entirety go to


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