Oct 29, 2012 2:45 PM by Ian Cross

Carlson formally sentenced to death for killing 2 Marana neighbors

TUCSON - The man connected to nearly a dozen murders, including two in Marana in 2009, was formally sentenced in Superior Court today.

Michael Carlson was sentenced to death for each murder and sentenced to 21 years for each kidnapping in Pima County Superior Court Monday morning.

In September, jurors found Carlson guilty of the First-Degree Murders of Kenneth Alliman and Rebecca Lofton, two of his neighbors living in Marana.

Carlson admitted in a 2009 News 4 Tucson interview to killing between 10 and 12 people, including his two Marana neighbors, since 1967. This interview was a key piece of evidence in Carlson's murder trial.

Carlson showed no emotion when the verdict was read back in September. A member of his defense team told News 4 Tucson that's because Carlson believes the decision will be overturned on appeal. All death penalty cases get an automatic appeal. Carlson has been appointed a new public defender for the appeal.

Ed Palakovich was one of the jurors. He spoke exclusively to News 4 Tucson saying, "There was a lot of evidence that stacked up against him, that's why the decision was made to give him the death penalty. We know we made the right choice."

Diana Alliman is the mother of one of the victims. She says she knows the death penalty won't bring her son back, but at least she knows "he won't be hurting anyone again."


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