Jul 28, 2012 9:27 PM

Businesses hope 4th Avenue sale boosts revenue

TUCSON-A big sale is under way on 4th Avenue to make small businesses prosper even during the street car construction.

Businesses are optimistic that this weekend's 4th Avenue Super Summer Sale will bring more customers because there's no denying when this fence goes up, businesses are affected.

"We've probably been impacted as much as a third," said Clair Fellows, owner of Book Stop.

The restaurant Delectables had the same problem.

"Our guest counts were down to pretty much nothing," said owner Donna DiFiore.

Once the fence was brought down on 4th Avenue north of 6th street, businesses saw the improvement.

"We have returned from being 30 percent up from that 60 percent down," said DiFiore.

But now it's those businesses south of 6th street that are feeling the burn.

"Parking is an issue and the fencing is an issue," said Fellows.

The upside, there are loyal customers that keep coming back.

"It's hard for everyone, so if we can come down here and help out. That's good," said Candy, a 4th Avenue loyal customer.

Even with construction outside of Silver Sea Jewelry right now, owner Elizabeth Mead said business is normal for what it should be this month.

It was when the fence was on the North side of 6th street that she saw her numbers fall.

"About a month where my foot traffic was probably half of what it had been," said Mead.

That's when she said she had to think things through, but in the end decided to stay through the construction, and she's optimistic things will only get better.

In addition to the sale, there will also be entertainment on 4th Avenue until 10 p.m. Saturday.

Here's the schedule:


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