Jun 1, 2013 12:14 AM by Sam Salzwedel

Business owner looks forward to tax decrease

TUCSON - A temporary one-percent sales tax expires Saturday.

Voters approved the increase to fund education. They rejected last fall's attempt to make it permanent.

James Nelson owns Nelson RV near Flowing Wells and Roger Roads. He believes the tax hurt his business.

"We could feel it," Nelson said. "It's a big difference."

He has a customer waiting until June 1 to buy a $28,000 RV, to save $280.

He sometimes has to negotiate an out-the-door price, and the extra money comes out of his pocket.

"One percent is a lot for my family and I," Nelson said. "We are family owned and operated, so it makes a big difference."

Ann-Eve Pederson was the State Chair for Proposition 204, the initiative that would have made the increase permanent.

"I'm a lifelong Arizonan, and I remember when we did adequately fund education," she said, "I think this generation is really getting ripped off and it's hurting our state."

She blames legislators for not giving enough money to education.

"We need to become education voters," Pedersen said, "and we need to boot out the people who aren't really going to look out for our kids."


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