Jun 30, 2014 11:27 PM by Sean Mooney

Broken AC at apartments has residents boiling mad

TUCSON - The searing temperatures in Tucson this week are tough enough to deal with even with air conditioning, imagine if yours didn't work and you had health issues. That is exactly what some residents at a midtown apartment complex are experiencing with broken air conditioning units they say the owner won't fix.

Residents at the Alvernon North Apartments say at least seven units have air conditioners that don't work properly. They also say all attempts to get their air conditioning repaired have failed and that has the people who live there boiling mad.

Rick Turner, who has lived in the complex since 2011, says fans are the only thing keeping his apartment below 90 degrees and that he's been trying for months to get the air conditioning fixed, "I have made multiple requests, they come in they do a makeshift fix and then it goes out again."

By midday Turner's apartment hovers near 90 degrees. Besides enduring the heat, the veteran, who lives on government subsidies, says the high temps also affect his health. He says management did offer a move to another unit but without his six cats, or he could get out.

"I do have Crones disease, I have Hepatitis C," Turner said, "a lot of issues and I am tired of dealing with this crap."

And Turner isn't the only one, Kristina Barker is seven months pregnant, living in an apartment where temperatures hit the high 80's, "It's unbearable, trust me, I can't even get comfortable, sweating a lot, it's just hot."

Rick Turner did contact Section 8 housing that ordered an inspection by Tucson Code Enforcement. The inspector who conducted the evaluation of the air conditioning units determined that they were in working order.

Calls to the owner of the complex, Greg Goldberg, who lives out of town, were not returned. But a volunteer who helps manage the apartments said the units are old and are not being properly maintained.

"The owner is not taking care of it, there are several people that have little or no AC and I am trying to take care of them but I'm not getting anywhere."

The same volunteer said that there is presently no order by the city to fix the air conditioning units.


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