Oct 1, 2012 2:53 PM by Danielle Lerner

Breaking bicycle traffic laws near UA campus is now going to cost you

Cyclists beware, breaking traffic laws near the University of Arizona campus is now going to cost you. The UAPD is stepping up enforcement in that area. Officers are now issuing citations instead of warnings and the cost is not cheap.

The increased enforcement comes after nearly a month-long bicycle safety and education campaign. The university teamed up with Pima County to launch that campaign back on September 5 as a way to inform the community about bicycle traffic laws, safety and ways to prevent bike theft. Officers tell News 4 Tucson the biggest violation they see is cyclists blowing through stop signs. That carries a fine between $105 and $212. Failing to yield to pedestrians is another one, that violation costs anywhere from $174 to $212.

As much as those high fees can deter law breakers, officers and students say obeying the laws is really more about personal safety.

"Every time you go through a stop sign it seems like someone's blowing by you and going right through it," said Steven Erly, a junior at the University of Arizona. "I think it's really dangerous, I know people who've been hit by cars going through stop signs and I mean a bike's a vehicle, you really should stop."

As far as citations, officers say it is discretionary. They stress their message of bike safety through a "Share the Road" booklet. It has all the traffic laws in it and you can find a full copy here.


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