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Jul 13, 2012 8:29 PM

Boyfriend charged with manslaughter released after arrest

TUCSON - 26-year-old Ronald James Corbin Jr., accused of shooting and killing his girlfriend, Genna Ayup, was arrested on one count of manslaughter Thursday afternoon.

According to court documents, Corbin Jr. was cleaning his gun when it accidentally went off, shooting Ayup in the face.

Thursday night he was released to pretrial services without having to post bond.

Genna's best friend, Rachel Smith, says she's angry he's a free man, but not surprised.

"When I found out he was arrested, I had this bad feeling it wasn't going to stick because nothing about this case has been consistent," she said.

News 4 spoke with pretrial services off camera, who say the court released him after deeming him a low flight risk.

People close to Genna aren't satisfied.

"There are people out there that get arrested for drug charges, for many other charges, and they get bond set at a million dollars or twenty thousand. He shot my best friend in the head, accidentally or not, and he gets to live his life until he has a court hearing in August," Smith said.

Smith has created a "Justice for Genna" Facebook account, and an on line petition.

On Thursday she changed the petition's title from "Arrest Ronald James Corbin Jr." to "Convict Ronald James Corbin Jr."

She says the petition and Facebook page are to show support for Genna's loved ones.

Corbin Jr. is currently living with his parents, and is due back in court in August.


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