Jun 14, 2012 1:49 PM

Border Patrol agents rescue 3 from desert, find 1 dead

TUCSON - Three illegal immigrants have been rescued remote desert areas of Southern Arizona in the past two days - one man was found dead.

On Wednesday afternoon, an Air and Marine helicopter located an illegal immigrant in distress, west of Green Valley, and an EMT-certified Border Patorl agents responded and provided IV fluid therapy to the severely dehydrated man, according to a news release from Customs and Border Protection. The man was transported by ambulance to a nearby hospital.

On Wednesday night, an Air and Marine helicopter located two illegal immigrants in a remote area outside of Douglas - both had severe dehydration, and one man's condition was so poor that he had to be transported to the ambulance by the helicopter, the release states.

Early Tuesday morning a Casa Grande Station agent found a dead Mexican national near Topawa, Ariz. The Tohono O'odham Police Department is investigating the incident.

Last month, Tucson Sector Border Patrol agents rescued 61 illegal immigrant, and discovered 19 who had died, according to the news release. Last May, agents rescued 38 individuals and found five dead in the desert.

"Smugglers intend on increasing their profits by forcing ill-prepared illegal immigrants to remote regions of the desert which often results in loss of life," Border Patrol officials state. "The Tucson Sector Border Patrol continues to provide rapid response with BORSTAR, more than 200 agents cross-trained as EMTs, and collaboration with Air and Marine air assets."


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