Nov 3, 2012 1:19 AM by Nathan O'Neal

Border march mourns deaths

NOGALES - Hundreds gathered on either side of the international border to honor the lives of the Mexican teenagers killed by Border Patrol agents within the last year.

The group took their message on the move, walking from downtown Nogales to the border fence as they took advantage of the Day of The Dead to amplify their cause.

Friends, family and locals marched with a message that mourns the loss of Jose Rodriguez, who was killed by Border Patrol agents last month, as well as Ramses Torres, who was killed more than a year ago.

"It really signifies the coming together of the United States and Mexico around these deaths," said Julian Hirshbaum, who is a member of the humanitarian group No More Deaths, which organized the protest.

Locals gathered on either side of the border fence, meeting together at the site where Rodriguez was killed, exchanging mementos and demanding justice for the boys' deaths. The hope is that this outpour of emotion would jumpstart a greater reaction to the event that just occurred.

"It was one...it was one," said Devora Gonzolez, who attended the protest on the Arizona side. "The only thing dividing it was a wall...that's it."

Hundreds of passionate people expressed their hope for peace, lighting candles and embracing each other for comfort with their counterparts on the Mexican side.

"I think it's absolutely beautiful. I think it's the most beautiful thinking I've ever been to in my life," Gonzolez said. "When people are different cultures, ethnicities all come together asking for peace and justice."


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