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Apr 16, 2012 9:02 PM

Bike riders may be turned away from riding up Mt. Lemmon

TUCSON - The Greater Arizona Bicycling Association has pedaled their way to the top of Mt. Lemmon for the last 28 years, but this year might not be the same.

GABA is the largest bicycle club in the state, but each year, riders are dealt newly added rules and regulations that could ultimately bring the club to a halt.

In 2007, Pima County issued a new ordinance that stop's moving bicycles from interfering with right of way traffic.

According to GABA's legal advisor, Eric Post, the rules keep getting piled on year after year.

"This year, Risk Management has decided that they want to ask us to increase our insurance levels from the standard $1,000,000 that we've had all along," Post said. "However we've been told that the permit won't be issued unless we go to 3 million."

Tom Burke, Director of Finance and Risk Management, says the cost of the permit has doubled.

We did originally ask for a 3 million, but recently said that the 2 million would be more appropriate level," Burke said. "The county has been sued in the past for accidents related to bicycling."

The bike club and Pima County have until April 20th to figure things out, and if the ride up Mt. Lemmon isn't cancelled, it will take place on may 4th.


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