Jul 21, 2014 8:50 PM by NBC Sports

Big 12 commissioner says "cheating pays" in college athletics

DALLAS - Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby came out guns blazing on Monday, offering pointed remarks about college athletics' current model, the effects of the O'Bannon lawsuit and the NCAA's toothless enforcement standards.

The latter of those topics produced a string of seemingly-frustrated quotes from Bowlsby:

"Enforcement is broken," he said. "The infractions committee hasn't had a hearing in almost a year, and I think it's not an understatement to say cheating pays presently. If you seek to conspire to certainly bend the rules, you can do it successfully and probably not get caught in most occasions."

Tell us how you really feel, Bob.

Whatever your thoughts on "cheating" are - that athletes should be paid, etc. - rules are rules, and the NCAA seems pretty bad at enforcing the ones they have (see: the blown Miami case). If Bowlsby isn't overstating things and the NCAA infractions committee indeed hasn't met in a year, yikes. That's pretty bad.

Bowlsby did address the thought of paying student-athletes, saying it wouldn't be fair to pay those in the "popular" sports and not other student-athletes.

"It is hard to justify paying student-athletes in football and men's basketball and not recognizing the significant effort that swimmers and wrestlers and lacrosse players and track athletes all put in," Bolwsby said. "Football and basketball players don't work any harder than anybody else, they just happen to have the blessing of an adoring public."


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