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Jun 23, 2012 11:24 PM

Better storm chances tomorrow

TUCSON - As the sun sets so do our chances to see anymore showers and thunderstorms for today.

Thunderstorm activity is starting to wind down across Southern Arizona this evening. Generally just some light showers left over in the higher elevations south and east of Tucson. Strongest storms today stayed near the International Border with the Nogales International Airport recording 0.04". Some light to moderate rain was also seen throughout Cochise County. So it wasn't a total bust for Southern Arizona today but there will be better rain chances area wide tomorrow and Sunday.

As the moisture increases further into Southern Arizona the next couple of days storms should be able to reach further north. The best chance for the Tucson metro area to see storms will come Sunday and Monday in the afternoon and evening hours. Enough instability in the atmosphere is present to jump our Monsoon Prediction Index up to a 6 out of 10 for these days, giving us a moderate risk to see some of these storms turn severe.

As for the temperatures today it was another hot one reaching 107 at TIA. It was also the 30th day at or above 100 tying the year 1988 as the fastest to record 30 triple digit highs. 2012 is on pace to see the most triple digit temperatures than any other year. The current standing record is 99 days in the triple digits set back in 1994.

Good news for the next couple of days is with the moisture increase our daytime highs should be kept in the low triple digits. This only lasts until about Tuesday until we start to dry out and increase the heat. By the middle of next week daytime highs will once again be back up near 110.


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