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Sep 19, 2013 1:16 PM by Ryan Haarer

Beads of Courage hosting artists to help sick kids

TUCSON- Beads of Courage was founded in Tucson. Their support network now extends to 150 hospitals helping 30,000 sick kids all growing their bead collection with every courageous act they perform.

Jean Baruch started beads of courage after seeing what patients were fighting through during her training in the U of A's nursing program.

"As a nurse you just have a compelling need to do more for your patients. To recognize the courage that you bear witness to everyday," said Baruch.

The courage young patients show is remembered symbolically by the beads they receive.

"Literally as a nurse is hanging chemo they're giving them a white bead, as you're hanging a blood product they're giving them a red bead. The beads visually translate that treatment journey. The kids love their beads. Humans are story tellers and this tells their story."

With 30,000 kids in the beads of courage program the need for beads seems never ending. This Saturday 11 cities including Tucson will host a bead challenge where world renowned artists will craft beads for six straight hours.

"Most kids in the beads of courage program have well over 500 beads in their collection and they can stand there proudly and display their beads of courage and say look what I've accomplished during my lifetime and during my treatment journey."

It will be a busy Saturday at the beads of courage headquarters. Jean is asking that you stop by to see the intricate process of creating these glass beads. Their shop is located at 3230 N. Dodge Blvd.

For more information on the organization visit their website


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