Decision 2012

Jun 16, 2012 9:54 PM

Battle begins for Latino votes

TUCSON - Democrats and Republicans are targeting the latino vote in the race for the white house.

The battle is heating up after President Obama announced a major change on immigration enforcement, allowing some illegal immigrants to avoid deportation.

On Saturday, his supporters went out fighting for latino votes.

To the get the coveted Latino vote, supporters of President Obama are doing it old school style, getting out in the community and just talking to people.

Volunteer Sandra Brody said, "I think it's the best way. It's personal. We get opportunity to talk to people and they can see we're working hard here so its motivation for them too."

And with the recent immigration changes, there's a lot to talk about.

Jenny Sawada with Organizing for America said, "That was one of the most important things we hit on. We made sure we told people and made people aware that this change had been made and that this announcement was made yesterday by President.

It's something the volunteers think can lead to a lot of votes. Sawada said, "They were extremely happy to have heard the news and so I think that's going to be a very decisive issue for a lot of people."

But Republicans said the changes are only good for those who can't vote. They said its actually bad for those who can.

Barney Brenner is part of the Pima County Republican Executive Committee. He said, "He just made life more difficult for Hispanic American citizens by bringing in a great number of non citizens into the work pool."

That's the ammunition Republicans will be using on the campaign trail. They'll also try to convince them, that the Latino lifestyle is more aligned with the Republican Party when it comes to religion, family, and particularly work.

Brenner said, "This Hispanic community has strong work ethic so which party should they vote for? One that pushes for people to have a job or one that rewards people for not working."

With the recent immigration changes, Sawada said she really thinks they can turn Arizona blue in November, but Brenner said that won't happen.


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