Jul 22, 2014 12:22 AM by Rebecca Taylor

Baby left in hot car, neighbors hold prayer vigil

TUCSON - An 11-month-old baby left in a hot car, remains in the hospital.

It happened at the family's home on Friday, located in the 8,000 block of East Rosewood.

Paramedics say the child was brought to TMC for Children in critical condition. He's now stable, a relief to neighbors who call this a terrible accident.

Margary Broadbent says, "as far as I can tell they've taken wonderful care of those boys, and they love them."

Broadbent was home Friday afternoon when police and paramedics responded to an 11-month-old suffering from heat exposure.

"I think it was just a terrible accident, they're not neglectful," said Broadbent. "They love those children."

She says the boy in the hospital is named Marcel and he has a twin brother. Their parents, she says, are lesbian partners and are capable moms.

"These women are wonderful parents," says Broadbent.

Officer Brandon Tatum with the Tucson Police Department says, "it was someone within the residence that called 911."

Details including how long the child was left in the car, are not yet being released by Tucson Police.

News 4 Tucson asked if charges have been filed, is anyone negligent in this case? Or are police looking at this as an accident?

"It's still early in the investigation and I think that's what detectives are trying to determine," responded Officer Tatum.

Captain Barrett Baker with the Tucson Fire Department says, "kids don't regulate their temperatures as well as adults."

He says temperatures in a car can skyrocket 20 to 30 degrees within a 20 minute window. Kids bodies warm three to five times faster than an adult. What's his message to caregivers?

"What is your most prized possession? Put that in the back seat, something you can't get out of the car without. Put it in the backseat, by doing that you will never forget your child," said Captain Baker.

"Their neighbors are pulling for them, we had a word of prayer on their driveway for Marcel. That he could improve and the ladies could make it through," says Broadbent. "Because it's a really really hard time for them."

Count on News 4 Tucson to keep you updated on the boy's condition.


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