Dec 16, 2013 6:19 PM by Erika Flores

Auto-pedestrian fatalities reach 19

TUCSON- The city has seen a record in auto pedestrian accidents this year. Just this weekend, we reached 19 deaths involving pedestrians.

The Pedestrian Advisory Committee is working with the city to make the city a more pedestrian friendly place.

There were two auto pedestrian accidents on Saturday. One of those accidents was fatal. The other one was a hit and run.

Tucson Police said a pedestrian was kneeling over the median lane near Broadway Boulevard and Beverly Avenue going through his bag when an older model Metallic Rust Sedan hit him.

He was taken to the hospital with serious injuries.

That same night, there was another auto pedestrian accident.

This one was fatal near Speedway Boulevard and North Arcadia Avenue.

Maia Ingram with the Pedestrian Advisory Committee said she's working with the city to put up more crosswalks to try to bring down the number of auto pedestrian accidents.

"It provides options for pedestrians to cross the street more quickly because you're right no one is going to walk half a block across the street unfortunately, so absolutely those crosswalks that have a light have been proven to reduce accidents and it's really important just a crosswalk isn't going to do it. We actually need a light that's going to slow down traffic," said Ingram.

In 2013, there have been 19 auto pedestrian fatalities. Last year, there were 7.


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