Jan 22, 2014 1:53 PM

Authentic T-Rex fossils on display in Tucson

TUCSON - The first authentic, fully mounted Tyrannosaurus rex ever to be shown at the annual Tucson Show - along with a collection of spectacular dinosaur skeletons and exceptional fossil pieces - will be displayed, free to the public, from February 1-16 at GeoDecor's 4,000-square-foot showroom.

Mounted Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton currently on display at GeoDecor showroom

A recent discovery, found in summer, 2012, in Garfield County, Montana, the magnificent T. rex measures a formidable 38 feet in length. Meticulously excavated on private ranch land, the bones were carefully removed in plaster jackets from the field to the laboratory, where they were prepared, catalogued and placed on a specially designed armature to support the massive bones of the immense animal. The awe-inspiring skeleton is displayed in an aggressive attack pose, presenting its skull as a killing weapon.

Several other exceptional, fully mounted American dinosaur skeletons are also on display: a massive Triceratops measuring 26 feet in length, a Hypacrosaurus and a Thescelosaurus. The most recognizable, the Triceratops, was, like the T. rex, discovered in 2012 in Montana. The skull measures 6 feet in length, with 24-inch-long horns.

Additionally, an imposing Triceratops skull measuring 7 feet, 3 inches in length will be displayed.

A 10-foot-long fossil crocodile from Wyoming represents an important find from summer, 2013. Astoundingly, it exhibits 51-million-year-old fossilized skin remains. An exquisite fossil turtle from the same geological formation will also be seen.

Suitable for use in luxury interior décor, a selection of especially aesthetic fossils will be offered: A 10x7-foot Eocene palm frond mural; a selection of fossil fish murals that evoke prehistoric "aquariums" and two of the largest ammonites ever discovered in North America (one measuring over 5 feet in diameter.)

All will be on public display for two weeks only and are offered for sale by GeoDecor, Inc., a local Tucson company providing fossils and minerals to museums, collectors and interior designers internationally.

Free public viewing will be offered at GeoDecor's showroom in the Mineral and Fossil Co-op, 1635 N. Oracle Road, Showroom #5, from February 1-16, 9am to 6pm daily.

GeoDecor will also be showing moderately-priced items at the 22nd Street Show, just off of Rt. 10, January 30 - February 16.


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