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Jul 20, 2012 7:48 PM

Aurora shootings brings back memories for Tucsonans

TUCSON - The shooting in Colorado has hit close to home for Tucsonans.

It has many people remembering the January 8 shootings that took place at the Safeway on the corner of Ina and Oracle Rd.

Pam Simon was there January 8.

"It was a horrific experience," said Simon.

She was among those wounded as she stood next to former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords at the "Congress on Your Corner" event.

"I truly truly feel very blessed because I was very nearly killed," said Simon.

She said she knows the victims of the Aurora Theater shooting are not only faced with physical pain, but now have to overcome the emotional aftermath that comes with a tragedy like this.

"It is a long journey. It's not something that happens over night," said Simon.

Northwest Fire Chief Jeff Piechura said emergency responders and the victims, their families even the community in Aurora have a lot going through their minds right now.

"Why us? Why here? Why this person? Why now? There's a lot of questions that have yet to be answered like here in Tucson. We've yet to get those questions answered and I doubt we ever will," said Piechura.

And to this day, Tucsonans still ask themselves those questions.

"I mean it makes you worry anywhere you go. I mean look what happened here with Gabrielle Giffords," said Tucsonan Ann Hawtree.

Simon said her greatest hope is that the community reaches out to the victims of the theater shootings the same way they did to those involved in the January 8 shootings.
She also hopes for stricter gun laws to keep guns out of dangerous hands.


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