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Aug 10, 2012 9:51 PM

August heat wave hits Tucson

TUCSON - Daytime highs reach near record temperatures as Southern Arizona heads into mid August.

Before this week Tucson International Airport had only seen 108 once this year which fell on June 22. As of Friday 108 has happened twice in the last three days, according to Meteorologist John Patrick. This heat wave isn't over yet as temperatures continue to climb through early next week peaking near 110 by Monday. If this happens we will see the warmest temperatures of the year so far.

If you are heading outdoors this weekend be prepared for record breaking heat. Drink plenty of fluids, wear light and loose clothing and limit your daytime activity. If you take the proper precautions the outdoors can still enjoyable.

Betsy Carr an out of town visitor to Sabino Canyon came to the desert prepared for the high heat. Carr says, "We have our good sunscreen on, we stay in the shade when possible, we took it easy and had a great time."

If you do find yourself suffering form heat illness know the signs. Heat exhaustion symptoms include muscle cramps and dizziness. If the symptoms progress and you find yourself suffering from confusion, vomiting and throbbing headaches you could have heat stroke. This is when Barrett Baker, Chief of Tucson Fire Department, says, "that's a dangerous thing, that's a fatal thing."

Baker suggests getting medical attention before you get to the point of heat stroke so the situation can be properly assessed. "If you are feeling major affects and you are having some terrible symptoms than you can always call 9-1-1 and we can come out and assess you," explains Baker.

With the first official day of Fall not until September 22 the triple digit heat isn't going anywhere anytime soon. Make sure to take the proper safety measures, know the signs of heat related illness and stay cool for the remaining days of Summer.


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