Jan 31, 2014 12:59 PM by Faye DeHoff

Audits of camping & hunting supply ads for accuracy 'hits the mark'

PHOENIX - Hunting,fishing and camping is something that can be enjoyed all year long in Arizona, and those outdoor enthusiasts regularly have to restock their supplies. To ensure consumers are getting the price that was advertised, the Arizona Department of Weights and Measures conducted unannounced inspections at retail businesses across the state.

The results showed very good news for Arizona consumers. In all, 24 retail businesses were audited reviewing ads and shelf prices at big box stores, sporting goods, and hunting supply outlets. The unannounced inspections found a nearly perfect 99% overall compliance rating was achieved.

Of the 525 individual products scanned at these retail locations, only five items were found to be charging more than the advertised price ($101 in total overcharges). The largest overcharge was found on a double-wide sleeping bag totaling $70.02 in unwarranted charges. Of note, 22 items rang up less than the advertised price totaling $417.00 of additional savings to shoppers.

"Arizona sportsmen should be thrilled at these inspection results" said Kevin Tyne the Director of the Department of Weights and Measures. "It's evident Arizona retailers are working hard to provide their customers with accurate prices and are serious about ensuring a clear and concise pricing program throughout Arizona" added Tyne.

The advertisements and price posting results conducted tell a similar story, 2,877 hunting products ranging from firearms, ammunition, camping gear, fishing supplies and everything in between were audited to ensure proper price posting as required by State law. Overall, inspectors found a 99.5% compliance rate as products were almost all properly advertised and priced.

Inspectors targeted only hunting supplies advertised in the store or as part of an advertised sale to specifically test whether the products actually rang up at the advertised price and businesses were not unfairly overcharging their customers on their purchases. As part of the inspection process, state officials also verified the items were properly priced. (State law requires all items exposed for sale to contain a price).

For more information or to file a complaint with the Arizona Department of Weights and Measures, call 602 771-4920 or to file a complaint electronically visit the department website at <>.


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