Mar 22, 2013 2:32 PM

Arizona driver's license battle heads to court

PHOENIX (AP) - A federal judge is hearing arguments Friday in a lawsuit seeking to block Gov. Jan Brewer's order denying driver's licenses for immigrants who have gotten work permits under a new Obama administration policy.

The lawsuit alleges that Brewer's policy is unconstitutional because it's trumped by federal law. Immigrant advocates pushing the case claim the policy makes it difficult or impossible for such young immigrants to go to school and keep a job.

Brewer's lawyers claim Obama's policy isn't federal law and that those pushing the lawsuit can't support their allegation that they can't keep a job or go to school without a license.

Immigrant rights advocates filed the lawsuit in November on behalf of five young-adult immigrants in Arizona who were brought to the United States from Mexico as children. They were granted deferred deportation protections under the Obama administration's policy but were denied licenses in Arizona.


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