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Nov 26, 2012 2:12 PM by Victor L. Villa

Arizona Corrections Dept. opening new Parole Offices in Pima County

TUCSON - The first Community Corrections Center operated by the Arizona Department of Corrections in 30 years will be opened, with the intent of promoting successful completion and reentry to the public of noncompliant offenders without putting them back in prison.

The Department of Corrections has been able to focus resources to the reduction of recidivism of the prison population which has returned to the public. This is a result of the stabilization of the prison population growth rate.

The Southern Arizona Correctional Release Center (SACRC), located at 1275 W Starr Pass Blvd., will be converted into a day reporting and residential sanctions center, according to a news release.

SACRC will be used as a Parole Offices for inmates returning to Pima County. At the location, programming, treatment services and short term housing in a 150-bed facility will be provided for offenders that commit a technical violation of their release conditions, according to a news release.

The purpose of the facility will be to promote successful completion of community supervision for offenders, while providing intervention for noncompliant offenders, without having to re-commit them to prison, the release states.


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