Nov 5, 2013 6:54 PM by John Overall

Arizona approves dry needling for physical therapists

TUCSON - Acupuncturists have been sticking needles into patients for centuries and now physical therapists are using the same technique to treat sor, tight, muscles.

It's called Dry Needling. "It allows for increase in blood supply, reduction in abnormal neuro-firing, helps to calm down abnormally hyper tissue or reactive tissue," Said Dry Needling Clinician, Matt Kramer.

In the past physical therapists would have to rely on deep massage on their patients and relief could take weeks.
"With a dry needle you can do it in one go because it really gets to the right place and it's a terrific technique," Said Jackie Doidge, a physical therapist in Tucson.

But acupuncturists claim physical therapists are not properly trained to be sticking needles into their patients.

Lloyd Wright has been a licensed acupuncturist for 28 years and he is on the Board of Directors for the Coalition of Arizona Acupuncture Safety.

"The problem is that they are going for a weekend or two weekends of training and they're going out and doing this," Said Wright.

Jackie Doidge says that's not true. "Their fear of safety is not understanding that we have a lot of education over 3,000 hours of education learning about the human body."

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