Sep 26, 2011 11:58 AM

Architects build structures entirely out of canned food

TUCSON - Tons of food has now been transformed into structures at the Park Place Mall. It is the second year for the Canstruction event that helps contribute to the Community Food Bank.

There are six structures all built out of canned food, meaning about 6 tons of food to be eventually donated to the Community Food Bank.

It is already a project that goes on across the country, and the American Institute of Architects in Tucson gave it their first go last year. They had three teams last year and donated nearly three tons of canned food. This year, they doubled in size to six teams for six tons of food.

Architect Rob Paulus built the barrel cactus all out of cans with his team. He says it is a lot of work, but a fun event.

"We're always like, why did we sign up for this! But the day of the build, it's a really fun energy and the fact that all that food then gets donated to this incredible organization we have here in Tucson...the Community Food Bank," Paulus said.

The structures will stand until this Sunday, October 2nd when all of the cans will be sent to the food bank.


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