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Oct 27, 2012 1:50 AM by Nathan O'Neal

Apartment complex residents speak out on roach problem

TUCSON - Residents of a local apartment complex are voicing their concern about a roach and bug infestation.
Michael and Mariela Vos are a young married couple in their early 20s, balancing work, school and expecting their first child.

However, they're also one of several residents living at the Pantano Villas who have had problems with roaches and other bugs invading their home.

"They were in our bedroom, in our closet, the bathroom, I mean all over our apartment," Michael Vos told News 4 Tucson.

Residents living in the complex say they had to deal with the infestation on their own, with little help from the apartment complex.

"As the smaller ones started to come in, it started to become more and more unbearable...and we'd be constantly checking every bag of food that we were getting ready to eat to see if there was anything in them," Vos said.

Vos said he killed 50 roaches in a two period day, and although he acknowledges the apartment's management exterminated the complex, he and his family reached out for help.

That's when health department officials stepped in.

"At that time a notice of violation was given to the management company for roaches," Priscilla Urbina, the sanitarian supervisor at the Pima County Health Department.

Health Department documents obtained by News 4 Tucson indicate that an investigator noted "roaches and other bugs in the unit."

However, management with the apartment complex said when they sent out exterminators, at the time, no live roaches were found at the site.

As for Michael Vos and his wife, he says his only option now is to move out because he is concerned the chemicals used in exterminations could affect her health.

"I have to think about the safety of my wife and my future child and we can't be living with the cockroaches or the constant smell of poisons in here," Vos said.

Health Department officials say they will be following up within the next week on the apartment cited for the violation.


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