Jun 16, 2011 5:27 PM

Animation shows growth of Monument Fire

SIERRA VISTA - Using Google Earth and temperature detection from the Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer, we've created an animation showing the growth of the Monument Fire, along with maps showing the relative size and rough perimeter of the 9,300-acre blaze.

The AVHRR can detect surface temperatures to within 1.1 km - each dot on these maps represents a 1.1km fire detection point. The yellow dots were detected within the last 6 days up until the last 24 hours, orange represents the last 12-24 hours, bright red the last 6 to 12 hours, and the dark red fire detections from within the last six hours.

Using Google Earth and the data available from the U.S. Forest Service, you can track not only the growth and size of a fire, but its detected temperature, weather around the wildfires, official information, and more.

Try it out - you can even post the maps you make to our Arizona Wildfires or Monument Wildfires photo gallery!

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