Apr 26, 2014 8:00 PM by Nathan O'Neal

Agua Caliente Park suffers drought conditions, admirers worry about its future

PIMA COUNTY -Agua Caliente Park is drying up, which worries some folks who have come to appreciate the long legacy of it being known as an "oasis in the desert."

Albert Jackman is a photographer by trade and has spent countless hours at the park over the years, capturing moments of a time that now seems distant.

"Approximately 10 years ago, the water was full in all three ponds," Jackman said. "The abundance of wildlife here was just a photographer's paradise to come out here."

The ponds have all but dried up from drought conditions and diminished groundwater.

"It's almost gone," Jackman said.

What worries Jackman is that as the water leaves, so does the wildlife and the people who come to admire it.
"It would be a great loss to Pima County to lose this park entirely," he said.

While water is pumped into the pond on a daily basis, Jackman worries that this so-called "oasis in the desert" will vanish altogether.

"Reverse it somehow.. Bring the water back in here. Bring the wildlife back in ... With what comes back in through wildlife also attracts people," Jackman said.

As local governments sort out ways to save the park, Jackman clings to hope that it will be restored to its former glory.

"Somehow we all need to get together and get water here in some way, shape or form and save this oasis in the desert before it's lost forever... because this is one of Arizona's last great places," he said.


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