Jun 11, 2012 9:24 AM

ADOT kicks off "pull aside-stay alive"

TUCSON- Arizona Department of Transportation wants to warn drivers of a big threat on the roads.

ADOT is kicking off its "pull aside-stay alive" campaign today, urging drivers to pull over if they enter a dust storm.

It's a frequent occurence in Southern Arizona this time of year. The weather shift creates large dust clouds and with monsoon on the way the threat is even bigger.

"They are very quick to evolve, especially in that area between Phoenix and Tucson along I-10," said ADOT spokeswoman Laura Douglas.

ADOT suggests that if you know there is a storm brewing to postpone your trip. Wait out the storm if you can to avoid dangerous road conditions. If you are unable to avoid the storm then you need to pull over. Shut off your lights to avoid other drivers mistaking your tail lights as a car to follow. Visibility is often reduced to a few feet to almost nothing in many cases.

To see ADOT's PSA you can visit their website at www.pullasidestayalive.com.


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