Oct 9, 2012 10:18 PM by Ian Cross

Acting Cochise Co. Sheriff: Dever toxicology results 'come as a shock'

TUCSON - The acting sheriff for Cochise County, Rod Rothrock, released a statement regarding the release of Sheriff Larry Dever's toxicology results, which shows his blood-alcohol content was over three times the legal limit at the time of his crash last month.

Chief Deputy Rod Rothrock said today, "In light of the recent findings concerning the tragic death of Sheriff Larry Dever, the Cochise County Sheriff's Office and I want to make clear that the integrity of the department is unwavering. These findings come as a shock for many and myself, as I have known Larry Dever for 30 years and during that time I never knew him to be anything other than a strong and caring leader of Cochise County."

Chief Deputy Rothrock continues by saying, "Despite the recent tragedy and the circumstances concerning that tragedy, it is important to note the dedication and service that Sheriff Dever gave to Cochise County. We, as an organization will continue to hold ourselves and our staff to the highest standard of conduct and to provide the utmost professional service to the citizens of this county."

It was revealed last week that Dever had a blood alcohol content of 0.291 percent when he crashed his vehicle on a U.S. Forest Service road while driving to a family gathering at White Horse Lake on September 18.


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