Oct 20, 2012 8:56 PM by Erika Flores

Accident victim recounts rollover as burglar suspect t-bones him

TUCSON- A rash of home burglaries in the Foothills area has residents on high alert.

A Foothills area school was put on lock down Friday while deputies searched for a burglary suspect.

While this was happening a homeowner in the area of Craycroft and River surprised a burglar.

He took off then crashed his car. It was a horrifying experience for Aaron Johnson.

He said he was trapped inside his vehicle as it rolled over and slid on the pavement. "You did bam bam and you tipped over," said Dillon, Johnson's toddler.

Little Dillon and his brother Chase were watching the wreckage video with mom and dad.

The footage was taken by his wife Becky. "See the blood? The blood dropped on your pants. The blood dropped on it," said Dillon.

Johnson walked away from the accident with only a few cuts and bruises.

"They took the glass out gave me two stitches. That's basically it," said Johnson.

After the vehicle hit Johnson, the driver ran off on foot.

Pima County sheriff deputies said he was fleeing from a home burglary.

"It was like three to four seconds and it was over. It was pretty intense," said Johnson.

Paula Wertman, a business owner on the corner of River and Craycroft said burglaries around the area are becoming a problem.

"He must have gone out through the back door because it was all smashed out," said Wertman.

She said just a few months ago, her store was broken into. "Everything was just kind of smashed up a bit," said Wertman.

But thanks to her alarm, that burglar was caught.

As for the burglar that hit Johnson in his getaway car, the things he stole were left behind but deputies are still looking for him.


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