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Jul 27, 2012 2:11 PM

A Tucson business is making Olympic money from across the pond

TUCSON- A Tucson business is making their product stick in London. Literally.

Tattoo Manufacturing is the largest temporary tattoo manufacturer in the world. They print about 7 million tattoos a day in their Tucson factory. They do everything from cartoons, to personal artwork even campaign tattoos for presidential elections.

Recently they printed 300,000 tattoos for the Olympic Committee. They will be sold all over London during the next few weeks.

"300,000 tattoos is a lot. So it keeps our business moving ahead. It gives us some exposure outside of the U.S.," said Tattoo Manufacturing President and CEO, Steve Tooker.

Beyond the Olympic rings they printed thousands of flags from different countries around the world.

So this year, when you see a flag or the Olympic rings on the skin of an athlete or a fan you can bet it came from Tucson.

You can find Tattoo Manufacturing online at:


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