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Jul 2, 2012 10:38 AM

A new workforce center will help lower the rising veteran unemployment

TUCSON - The hardest part of leaving the military service can often be finding a job. With more and more soldiers finishing their tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan the demand for work continues to rise.

Unemployment for those veterans is 12.7 percent, higher than the national average. Now, a workforce center in Tucson will do its part to find them jobs.

The Kino Veteran Workforce Center is set to open on July 16th. Veterans often go many different places for resources such as medical advice, job seeking, financial help and more. This center will offer a one stop shop. Several organizations will provide resources at the center, including the biggest contributor the Department of Economic Security.

When a veteran comes to the center specialists will asses each individual. "Before they go into employment we need to remove the barriers, such as maybe homelessness, maybe tickets they have acquired," said workforce development specialist Vanessa Jurahui.

Jurahui says this center will try to cater more to female veterans, a group that seems to avoid seeking help more than their male counterparts.

In addition to a former soldier's great work ethic employers may want to consider hiring a vet for another reason. If employers hire an unemployed vet they could qualify for the Returning Heroes Tax Credit up to $5,600 or the Wounded Warriors Tax Credit up to $9,600.


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