Aug 27, 2014 12:06 AM by Rebecca Taylor

A dozen cars stuck in flash floods along Country Club Road

TUCSON - Tucson became a sea in the desert Tuesday afternoon with storms dumping a lot of rain, triggering flash flooding.

Midtown saw more than a dozen cars stranded in high water. Those care weren't stuck in washes, multiple vehicles big and small stalled out in the middle of Country Club Road because of so much rain.

The rain wouldn't let up in the area of Country Club Road near Blacklidge Drive. Our cameras captured three stuck vehicles.

A good samaritan helped get a motorcyclist moving. A Jeep was eventually able to wrangle free, while the driver of a car waited for the fire department.

It was the same story at Fort Lowell and Country Club Road, a mother and her three children had to be rescued.

Over at the University of Arizona campus students were soaked.

UA Junior Lily Agardy said, "my shoes are swish swish swish they're really soggy. I was soaking wet."

"Well I was in class and it got really loud and they we came outside and it was pouring and my feet got really wet and I hate it when my feet get wet," said student Morgan Oster.

"I don't mind the rain as long as I don't have to walk in it," said junior Karlyn Bradley. "But today I did and so I'm just like rain you're cool except for when I'm in you."

Some side streets turned into rivers with water overflowing sidewalks and flooding driveways, leaving people's affection for the monsoon mixed.

Are you ready for the monsoon to be over?

Oster responded, "Yes I want the mosquitoes to go away. I hate the mosquitoes. At the architecture building I got like 12 bites yesterday."

"Well I'm from Orlando, Florida so the rain is just like home. So it felt really nice, it's not so hot. I'm used to the muggy so I don't care about that," said Agardy, "but my hair does glorious in the rain. The frizz is gone so I like it."

The town of Marana also saw major flooding, receiving more than a half-inch of rain.


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