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Aug 8, 2012 11:26 AM

A blind cyclist trains in Tucson for the Paralympic games

TUCSON- When the curtain drops on closing ceremonies another international competition begins.

London will also host the Paralympics where some of the world's best athletes will compete despite their disabilities. One of those athletes is Clark Rachfal and his riding partner Dave Swanson.

Diagnosed legally blind at the age of four Clark has defied the odds.

"There were certainly rough patches with me accepting my disability and learning to live with it, to cope with it," said Rachfal.

He and Dave are making waves on the international stage of tandem cycling.

Clark relies on David to be his eyes when they are out on the road. But David relies on Clark for something Clark does best.

"I get a lot of information to me relayed from what Cark can hear. He can hear chains, he can hear breathing, he can hear shifting, he can hear someone pulling out and hitting the wind," said Swanson.

Tandem riders learn to synchronize their movements by shifting their weight and matching each other's cadence.

The competition is expected to be pretty intense but this team says they are as ready as ever to go for the gold.


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